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Sasol station loses out

2004-11-08 10:26

Last Wednesday I went to the new Sasol garage across the road form the Power Station in Kempton Park. Since they opened a few month ago, I have supported them with my purchases of Turbo Diesel.

They were always slightly more expensive than other garages selling diesel, but I chose Turbo Diesel so paid the sacrifice!

Since the recent fuel price increase, they have increased their Diesel price to R5.00 per litre! Their petrol prices are R4.88 per liter!

This is now absolutely ridiculous - How can Diesel be more expensive than petrol?? I am aware of the manufacturing process which confirms that diesel should be cheaper.

So I drove to another Sasol garage in Elgin Road, Birchleigh.

Their Diesel pump price was R4.69 for diesel and petrol R4.88, diesel being 31 cents cheaper than the other Sasol garage!

How do you explain this? Simple, the Sasol Garage opposite the power station has lost my support!

I would like all motorists to be made aware of the "Rip-off" garages that sell diesel at elevated prices!
- Lex Todd, Kempton Park

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