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Poo-pooing the water car

2004-10-18 06:54

At best it is some misguided hick, at worst a blantant case of fraud and ingenious conmanship.

this is pure pie in the sky stuff: cheap, compact, zero pollution, performance increases, and uses existing IC engines: Bullsh!t!!!.

And we must believe that major corporations have been working on this for years, but a man from Nelspruit (that great hub of innovation) has done it in 3 months,

Ha! It reminds me of the guy from CT who could generate electricity from pluging a box into the ground, in fact, I would not be suprised if the same parties were involved.

Please do not publish utter rubish on your otherwise excelent site.


Wheels24 responds

There is in fact a groundswell of opinion to the contrary, and I read this before I published the story. Certainly there's enough to give credence to the story, without merely poo-pooing it.

Having said that, our function is to report on what is happening in the world around us. We make comment where it is necessary, but in this case leave it to the reader to make his/her own judgement.

However, for those interested, have a look at this paper or do a web search using the words "Water car".
John Oxley - Managing Editor

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