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Golf 1.6 FSI engine?

2004-10-14 09:43
Will we see a version of this 1600 in the not too distant future or must we make do with what is currently on offer?

VWSA responds

The Golf 1.6FSI won't be coming to South Africa because our fuel is low-grade. For a small engine all the benefits of FSI (most importantly the power) are lost in the re-mapping process.

We have therefore opted to go with the 1.6 75 kW instead of the 85 kW FSI. Maybe in 2006 when we are in line with the rest of the world as far as our fuel is concerned will we even hope to see 1.6 FSI here.

You may well ask about the 2.0FSI, well that has been remapped as well, but in addition they have done one or two mechanical modifications to compensate for the power loss.

Unfortunately it would have cost more to repeat the same exercise with the 1.6, and results would have been dubious, so we opted for the 75kW like other parts of the world including Germany.

Final Answer? No 1.6FSI anytime soon.


Zongeso Zibi VWSA PR

Inside Wheels24

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