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'Nothing will stop the carnage on our roads' Readers respond to Aarto bill

2017-09-08 08:54

Image: Michelle de Witt

Janine Van der Post

'The real offenders will get away', 'This system will only worsen the already lawlessness of this country', 'The bill won't make a dot of difference'.... Wheels24 readers respond to the Aarto bill.

Cape Town - The controversial Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Bill moves a step closer to implementation in South Africa.

The Aarto task team has added amendments to the bill, following rounds of public hearings, and believe that this system will remove habitual traffic offenders from South Africa’s roads and highways. 

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Most notably, the changes make provision for the rehabilitation of repeat offenders and alterations to the manner in which warrants are issued.

We asked readers what they thought the proposed Aarto bill and the SA Driver Demerit system would achieve in a poll:

Will curb road deaths in South Africa - 936 votes 7%
Won't stop bad drivers -  2801 votes 20%
Is just another money-making scheme - 10452 votes 20%

We also asked Wheels24 readers their thoughts on the AARTO Amendment Bill and if the demerit system curb SA's horrendous road death toll?

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