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Classic Mitsubishi GTO takes on Western Cape's mountain passes

2017-03-06 13:26

CLASSIC MITSO: Calvin Fisher enjoy Dorian Davids' Mitsubishi GTO. Image: Calvin Fisher

Calvin Fisher

Meet Dorian Davids, petrolhead and owner of a very rare car; a Mitsubishi GTO. Watch his story.

Cape Town - We get to grips with Dorian Davids' rare Mitsubishi GTO. Dorian spend a lot of time vinyl wrapping and styling some of the hottest cars in the Western Cape.

So it stands to reason that he's got something quite special in his own garage. No, he's not a speed freak or a stat nerd, but the man's a passionate and knows what he's sitting on.

Davids said: "I love the AWD system. I love the fact that I can do unnatural things. Performance-wise it's... performance is okay. It's not like super fast. But it's manageable and its comfortable."

Watch the video below:


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