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WP speed limit: Easy way out

2012-09-20 10:34

NO SPEED REDUCTION: Wheels24 reader Craig McIver claims the proposed speed limit reduction is a "typical politicians response".

Craig McIver

I agree completely with the article by Charlie Mingus - the  proposal to reduce speed limits is a typical politicians' response to a problem.

It takes the easy way out by making it look like something is being done while ignoring all the real causes of the high rate of fatal accidents on SA roads.

A speed limit should represent the maximum safe speed on a given road in good weather, in a roadworthy modern car and with a competent driver in minimal traffic. The driver should be responsible for moderating the maximum allowable speed in accordance with any deterioration in the aforementioned factors.

Trying to compensate for your unwillingness or inability to deal with the real issues is simply lazy at best.

Before resorting to this ineffective approach have you considered putting some real effort into proper policing and action – by competent, properly trained, traffic police - of, among other things:

• Crossing barrier lines.
• Not stopping at red traffic lights and stop streets.
• Stopping on red lines/in dangerous places.
• Unroadworthy vehicles.
• Reckless, negligent and distracted driving (cellphones) (I am pleased to see some recent action being taken on the latter but still see dozens of infringements daily).
• Regular compulsory roadworthy checks for vehicles older than five years (say 3 yearly thereafter).
• Very heavy penalties for causing a serious accident either by reckless driving or being responsible for an unroadworthy vehicle.
• Proper, relevant driver education and testing and elimination of fraudulently obtained licences.
• Lobbying for an efficient and effective railway service in order to remove the bulk of heavy vehicles from particularly the national roads.
• Ensuring that roads are properly designed and maintained to provide a safe driving environment. This includes clear and sensible road markings and sufficient provision where appropriate for turning lanes and passing.
• Compulsory hands free bluetooth car kits on all new cars. Who can afford a new car who does not have a cellphone?
• On busy main roads introducing variable computer controlled speed limits according to traffic and weather conditions.
• Eliminating corruption in all of the above.

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