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Reader test: Ford Fiesta ST 150

2010-09-23 09:23

Nyiko Makukule, Nelspruit

So I finally got my sweet looking but mean Ford Fiesta ST 150 - white, with red stripes running over the top and on the sides.

I looked at  her and she immediately screamed “drive me”. Like a teenage boy about to have his first kiss, I jumped into the cockpit. The feeling of the Recaro-style seats embracing my upper body set the tone for what was about to happen.

I sat there silently and thought to myself “she is all mine”, it was my dream come true. So I slid the key into the ignition, turned it on, pushed further and ka boom! She erupted into song. I blipped the throttle once, twice, thrice and it only got more exciting.

Just like Rihanna said: “Shut up and Drive”, this was the message the car was sending me. So I geared into first and hit the road with the sales man grabbing for his seatbelt. I also went for mine before I linked onto the main road.

I asked the salesman, “What is your usual test drive route?”

Salesman: “Anywhere!”

I gave an evil smile and thought to myself, “Oh you gonna get it now!”

I then suggested that we take a route with bends, uphills and flat open roads. The salesman had no objection to that. So I kicked it!

It was an easy drive out of town, with me getting acquainted with the clutch, although it seemed a bit tacky. I was nailing it from robot to robot, enjoying the booming sound of the hatch monster. As soon as I hit the highway, I nailed it hard into second.  Amazed by the power, I kicked it even harder into third and watched the revs climb with ease all the way to 6000r/min.

She handled like a beauty around the corners. I didn’t like the understeer in sharp bends but the exit speed was impressive. Going uphill was relatively easy as I maintained my speeds without having to drop a gear. Before I knew it, we were back where we started. Although I had a big smile on my face and the salesman had wet armpits from the thrill of it all.

I turned and I looked at him and said boldly, “She is coming home with me.”

That’s day I bought my Ford Fiesta ST 150! January 2010. To this day, I still smile with joy.


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