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Reader test: Audi A4

2009-10-28 09:35

West Williams, Krugersdorp

When I decided to buy a new car, I narrowed it down to three cars. A new 3 Series BMW, C-Class Mercedes Benz or an Audi A4.

This selection was firstly made on price; around R350K. Secondly, I have always loved these three German brands. Thirdly, it had to be a new sedan with a five-year maintenance plan.

The third criteria was the most important, having owned two second-hand BMWs before that were lovely cars, but proved just to costly to maintain.
The 3 Series is a lovely car. The facelift however, looks too much like the older model, and didn't feel like a "new" car to me.

Having owned a BMW before, I also felt that it was time for a change. The C-Class shape has been around a while now and to add extras to the basic model would prove more costly than the Audi would.

I decided to buy the Audi because of the following: I love the xenon headlights with daytime runners that separates the Audi brand from the rest.

Bang and Olufsen

I love music, so I opted for the Bang and Olufsen sound system. I can only enjoy its true capabilities after I have dropped my kids off at school however, as I am concerned for their hearing. The Audi, in general, had the best looks and also gave a lot of value for money.
I am no motoring journalist by far! So when it comes to performance, fuel consumption and handling, I don't care. I drive like a responsible parent, keeping to the speed limits.

For the way I drive, the 1.8T has more than enough power. Using the cruise control is a pleasure, as I still have to find an uphill on a highway that requires me the gear back from sixth to fifth. When you go downhill the car also brakes automatically to ensure the selected speed is not exceeded.

I find the car to be very comfortable and it has more than enough space for four occupants and their day-to-day baggage.

Domestic disagreement

The electronic handbrake was easy to master, however my wife might disagree, which suits me fine as I prefer her driving her own car anyway.

I don't care about fuel consumption, as I believe that if you buy a car in this price range, R50 difference on a tank of fuel either way when compared to the other cars, shouldn't make a difference.
I have had the car for almost a year now, and am looking forward to many more trouble-free years of motoring (within maintenance plan).

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