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Reader: Three strikes, you're out!

2013-01-07 11:34

LICENCE SUSPENSION AND JAIL TIME THE ANSWER?: Would measures such as licence suspension and pison terms be enough to discourage drunk driving?

CAPE TOWN - The Inkatha Freedom Party has called for a lifetime licence ban for drivers guilty of drunk-driving on South Africa's roads.

IFP spokesman Velaphi Ndlovu said: "It is shocking to note that the (2012/13) festive season is not even officially over and already 1279 people have been killed on South Africa's roads."

Reader JACO does not echo Ndlovu's sentiments regarding sanctions for drunk drivers:

"Dear Sir/Madam

I do not agree with Ndlovu's sentiments on a lifetime ban for drunk drivers.

I would rather advise that if a drunk driver (most of the time working men/women) is proven 100% guilty in court of law, suspend their driver’s license for one year and stamp in their ID book in red "1st Offense: Drunk Driving" with the date of offense.


After a year the person receives their driver’s license.

When caught driving drunk a 2nd time his/her drivers license will be suspend for five years and a red "2nd Offense: Drunk Driving" will stamped in their ID book underneath the first stamp.

After five years he/she receive their driver’s license.

When caught driving drunk a 3rd time he's/her driver’s license will be permanently suspended and their ID book will be stamped in red "3rd Offense: Drunk Driving, Drivers License Permanently Suspended."

Such a driver will not be allowed to apply for a new driver’s license.

If such a person will then be caught driving without a driver’s license or with a false drivers license he/she will then be jailed 10 years.

All the offenses will add to the person's national records.

Because many of the people caught driving drunk are working people they might think twice before drinking and driving for it is very difficult to be working and don't have the transport you where used to.

It would also be a blot on your name and you would be ashamed especially in front of your friends and colleagues with such offenses and with a suspended driver’s license."
Do you agree with Jaco's sentiments on a life ban for drunk drivers?
Should traffic cops stop trying to ambush drivers?
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