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Reader Test: Peugeot 207 HDI

2007-08-23 07:25
I recently went to Namibia on a hunting holiday and was so impressed with the fuel efficiency of my Peugeot 1.6 HDI that I felt I just had to tell you and every other fan about it.

We were 4 occupants (weighing about 85 kg each) in the car and I towed a heavy laden trailer. After leaving Durbanville, we experienced a stormy north westerly wind all the way to Steinkopf.

We left the car in Windhoek to travel further by 4x4.

Towing the load

Two weeks later, we returned and re-hitched the trailer for the return leg. Stuffed with venison, Kudu and Oryx biltong, and with a piece of wood from a dead tree that I picked up in the Okahandja region tied to its top, the trailer was even heavier than before.

On arriving back in Cape Town, the trip computer showed that my diesel consumption had been 13,6 km/l. This was on a total trip of 3 095 km, travelling at an average speed of 93 km/h.

The guys from Peugeot, Tygervalley can vouch for this, but if I'm making this up, the trip computer is too!

Oh yes, and of course, the whole trip passed without even a hint of a problem.

  • The attached photo, taken when we stopped for a smoke break, shows the car and trailer. You can even see the piece of wood tied to the top of the trailer.


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