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Cape Limit: Louis Jordaan

2012-09-05 08:51
Another bad idea by our wannabe Ape Town councilors. We are already only averaging 30km/h on daily travels and now it will only get worse.

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As for the moaning valies, shut up and stay home, we don't need "kyk da's" here.The problem in Cape Town is not speeding, but stupidity and unqualified morons who do not even belong behind the steering wheel of a Dinky toy.

I was watching kids play with their toy cars and all they would try to do is crash them. Sans advert for insurance on TV. What type of education does that give them. On TV the "victims" die, only to re-appear in the next movie or show. Same goes for crime, one day a crook and drug dealer, the next a president or good guy. Educate, educate........

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