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Cape Limit: Kelly Lodewyks

2012-09-05 08:55
The autobahn in Germany is famous for having no speed limit. It’s well-known that many (not all) people who use that road travel well-above 120 km/h (our national speed limit) and far above the American speed limit and yet, when compared with our statistics for our national roads and the interstate roads in the USA, the fatality rate is much lower.

Yes, there are countries that are looking at increasing the speed limit in order to reduce the number of accidents. The idea is to get everyone travelling at the same or a similar speed so that there’s always a flow to the traffic and so that no one is held up by another and therefore causing frustration, tailgating, silly maneuvres, etc.

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This reduction in the national speed limit is a shortsighted and narrow-minded attempt at showing people that the powers that be are “trying” to improve road safety. Improving law enforcement would be a better solution.

And for PointBlank who keeps commenting on everyone’s comments – no, this is not speculation. Numerous studies have been done that prove the points I make above. Google is your friend. Use it.

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