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Pick your favourite noughties German muscle car: RS4, M3 or C63?

2016-12-29 07:30

BMW M3: The fourth-generation model of the BMW M3 remains the only iteration to use a V8 engine. Image: Newspress

Sean Parker

Cape Town - In the late 2000s, the Teutonic trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz unleashed perhaps three of the best V8-powered muscle cars onto the market. 

The Audi RS4 (B7), BMW M3 (E92) and Mercedes' C63 (W204) garnered large followings in South Africa. 

Each had a unique set-up, the RS4 was available with only a manual gearbox and the firm's prerequisite (for all fast Audis) all-wheel drive. It was also available in three body-styles: sedan, avant and cabriolet. Claimed power from its 4.2-litre V8 engine was 309kW/430Nm. 

The E92 (coupe) model was the first M3 to use the S65 V8 engine and also debuted a dual-clutch transmission in an M-car. It too had 309kW, but was down on torque producing 400Nm. 

Mercedes brought the equivalent of a nuclear bomb when they launched their C63 (W204) model. It's powered by a 6.2-litre making 336kW/600Nm, both figures easily overtaking that of its rivals. 

The C63 was the first AMG-Mercedes designed from the ground up and despite sporting a de-tuned engine, its power was simply monstrous and unfathomable in a family saloon. 

We asked our readers which of these three noughties Autobahn stormers they would choose? 

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