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WATCH: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg goes racing

2017-03-16 08:46

GO MARK GO! Mark Zuckerberg exchanged his office for a drive a Nascar race car. Image: Facebook

Charlen Raymond

Charlotte, North Carolina - Mark Zuckerberg, the man responsible for connecting the world via Facebook, lives a pretty humble life.

At least that's according to the numerous media outlets reporting on his lifestyle.

But not only does he run Facebook in a T-shirt and sandals (who knows, maybe he does), whenever he has a chance he is involved with charity work and outreach programmes.

Swapping seats

But on Wednesday (March 15) Zuckerberg decided to do something a little different. He traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and met up with Nascar driver Dale Earnheart Jnr.

This wasn't just a "meet and greet" where the two men shake hands and be on their merry way. No. This was actually Zuckerberg's first step to getting behind the wheel.

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And then it happened: after a brief introduction Zuckerberg slipped into the driver's seat and set off around the track. And judging from the video, he utterly enjoyed himself!


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