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New Grand Tour trailer, Ferrari-powered Toyota 86... check out these cool car clips

2017-11-04 11:31

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The video caption sums it up perfectly: 'Rally driver Ken Block stops by with his insane gymkhana-prepped 1978 Ford Escort MK2 and proceeds to do what he does best, kill all tyres.'

Rouel van Nelson

Cpae Town - From a Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 to the new season of The Grand Tour, here are 6 videos you shouldn't miss. 

Grand tour, Bloodhound Supersonic

Epic stunts, amazing cars and vehicular lunacy... Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for season 2 of The Grand Tour as we look at the trailer for the new season.

The Bloodhound Supersonic car , which aims to break the current world land speed record, reached a significant milestone as it successfully completed its first test runs.

Then, we gave Toyota fans a glimpse of what the Toyota 86 would be like with a bump of power, as drifter Ryan Tuerck shows off his Ferrari-powered 86.

Video wrap:

6. GT-4586: One year to build a Ferrari-Powered Toyota, crashes on first day

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4. WATCH: Ken Block's tyre-shredding Ford Escort MK2 in action

3. WATCH: How to handle road rage

2. Bloodhound SSC makes first ever public run reaching 322km/h

1. The Grand Tour: Epic Season 2 trailer unleashed!


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