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VW debuts Polo BlueGT

2012-03-06 15:22

GENEVA AUTO SHOW DEBUT: Ulrich Hackenberg, member of the Board Volkswagen, presents the new Polo BlueGT at the 2012 Geneva auto show.

GENEVA, Switzerland - Volkswagen has launched its new and (very) frugal Polo BlueGT at the 2012 Geneva auto show.

Key feature is the car's active cylinder technology, a first for Volkswagen.

The BlueGT has a 1.4 TSI turbocharged engine capable of 103kW and promises a combined fuel consumption of only 4.7 litres/100km; even better, if hooked to the optional seven-speed dual clutch gearbox that drops to 4.5/100.


Having a small engine doesn't mean kiddy-car performance: the car will hit 100km/h in 7.9sec, use stop/start technology and battery regeneration in the city, and go on to top 210km/h though at that speed the point of having fuel-sipping wheels is way lost.

VW hopes the Polo BlueGT will close the gap between the Polo 1.2 TSI (77kW) and the Polo GTI (132kW).

According to VW, shutting down the second and third cylinders under low and medium loads reduces fuel consumption in by 0.4 litres/100km (EU driving cycle). At 50km/h in third or fourth gear, fuel savings are as much as a litre/100. Driving at speeds of 70km/h in fifth gear, fuel consumption is reduced by 0.7 litres/100.

Volkswagen Polo BlueGT

ALL AN ACT: GTI inspired design elements combined with BlueMotion tech, the Polo BlueGT is a worthy choice considering how much you'll save at the pumps courtesy of its ACT system.

ACT activates between 1250 and 4000rpm and at torque outputs from 25 to about 100Nm. An accelerator pedal sensor and monitoring software determines when the system should activate or deactivate. Drivers are informed whether two or four cylinders are active via the fascia display.

It's a smart car too: 17" alloy rims, a GT badge front and rear and a new tailpipe design. BlueGT variant borrows kit from its Polo GTI and Polo BlueMotion siblings. From the GTI the car has inherited a rear spoiler, rear bumper with a diffuser, the front bumper and daytime running lights. It also has a black radiator grille, R-line ventilation screen in the bumper and black door mirrors.

Inside, the instrumentation cluster is borrowed from the GTI and incorporates an ACT system and tyre-pressure monitor. The interior sports a leather-trimmed steering wheel with a "BlueGT" emblem, sport seats and chromed surrounds.

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