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Strettttch - and hold...

2010-09-29 06:38

WELL-STRAPPED: A new range of tough rubber straps has been launched to tie down, well, just about anything.

A company called SecureTech has added a simple and apparently effective product to its range designed to make fixing gear to your off-roader - and lots of other things - a lot easier and a whole bunch more quietly.

It's called Quick Fist and involves one-piece rubber clamps in a number of sizes that will hold down anything from a scuba tank to a Magnalite torch in your vehicle, home office or workshop.

The clamps are made of heavy duty rubber and will shrug off high temperatures and the sun's destructive rays.

Variety of sizes

"They're very easy to mount," the company said, "as well as being more malleable when gripping equipment. This reduces noise and vibration often experienced with metal clamps or they can be used with existing clamps to reduce noise and act as an extra fastener."

The clamps come in a variety of sizes, have numerous applications, and are suitable for leisure and commercial users, emergency services and the mining and construction industry.

The so called “long arm” version is especially suitable for coiled items as well as high-lift jacks and shovels; other sizes can hold items such as torches, gas cylinders, diving cylinders, oxygen bottles and jerry cans.

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