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Secure your straps when snatching

2010-09-14 11:18

Snatch straps, some gloves and a set of D-shackles. A recovery kit is essential for serious off-roading, but one wrong pull and you can be left with a permanently linked problem...

Getting stuck is a fait accompli when venturing off-road.

Even the most experienced off-road adventurers find themselves immobilised from time to time.

When digging, cursing and pushing prove insufficient the off-road adventurer can always turn to a trusted snatch-strap to extract themselves.

Snatching, considering the elasticity and forces involved, can be a forbiddingly dangerous venture – especially when tow-hitches are mistaken for proper recovery points.

Preventing permanent knots when linking

If configured properly the kinetic snatch strap, correctly fastened, is a wonderful recovery tool – able to extricate bogged-down 4x4s courtesy of one clean jerk from a similarly sized vehicle.

There is an age-old issue when joining two recovery straps, a necessary evil when the vehicle being employed as the snatch-force provider needs to operate at a fair distance from the stuck 4x4 - to ensure optimal traction.

Conventional logic dictates that a branch or some newspaper looped through the joint would prevent the force of a snatch from knotting the straps together, creating an unbreakable fabric bind.

Recovery kit specialist Secure Tech is now marketing a recovery link which addresses this issue.

Fundamentally the Secure Tech recovery link prevents fabric bind when two linked straps are placed under severe kinetic tension (during a recovery snatch), yet also has a safety loop preventing it from falling out and getting lost in mud as soon as the straps are not under peak tension anymore.


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