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Navara conquers old Kalahari

2012-10-22 14:29

NAVARA NAVIGATES NICELY: Chosen to tackle the Kalahari desert, the Nissan Navara fared well in the harsh conditions.


Nissan is set to launch a special edition of its rugged Navara with exclusive style upgrades. Fans of the bakkie will have to act fast as the Japanese automaker will only be launching a limited run for South Africa...

On an expedition in the Kalahari, one has to consider the looming dunes, the wind, and altogether inhabitable conditions. Choosing a vehicle to navigate through this desert can be quite a daunting task in itself, so this team chose the Nissan Navara.

The expedition took place in the scenic Witsand Nature Reserve, just east of Upington, Northern Cape.

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Stretching north from the Orange River to Angola, the Kalahari Desert is part of the huge Kalahari Basin which forms part of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Dunes can reach 10km in length and 100m in height, some emitting eerie roaring sounds when disturbed by wind or human activity, especially during hot and dry weather between September and April.

Perfect conditions for the Navara 2.5 dCi 4x4 LE? It was the vehicle chosen by Nissan for a journalists' jaunt into the Kalahari, particularly with its common-rail turbocharged diesel engine (140kW/450Nm), six-speed manual or five-speed auto had no trouble in the harsh conditions.


The vehicle, Nissan says, has a strong South African following and appeals to buyers on many levels, the lifestyle front being as important as utilitarian applications. Besides its rugged reputation, it comes with anti-lock brakes, six air bags, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control and automatic aircon.

In the Kalahari, its credentials came into the spotlight, with ground clearance of 230mm, approach, ramp and departure angles of 30°, 22° and 24°, and all four-wheel drive control with differential lock and low range, the dunes were a formidable but unfit opponent for this bakkie.

Marinus Venter, LCV product manager at Nissan SA, said: “The Kalahari Expedition was a great opportunity to showcase the capability of the Nissan Navara in terrain of the Kalahari Desert that some would deem quite daunting.”

It might not have been considered work for the people on the expedition as they were surrounded by nature at its best. The reserve is nestled by acacia woodland and the Langberg mountains, home to diverse bird life, such as the Namaqua sand grouse, sociable weaver and Africa's smallest raptor - the pygmy falcon

For more details on the reserve visit the website.

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