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Keep your drinks unshaken off-road

2011-05-19 08:49

COOL IDEA: SecureTech’s fridge fixing straps will keep your beers safe (and unshaken) when journeying through Kalahari.

Ever borrowed a fridge for a trip and struggled to secure it?

Perhaps you lent a fridge to a friend and securing it in a bakkie load box, or the rear of an SUV, was more of a chore than you had envisaged.

Well SecureTech’s fashioned a new product just for such eventualities.

Called (rather unsurprisingly) the Fridge Tie Down, it’s made of low elongation, high tenacity, UV-stabilised 25mm polyester webbing.

A pack contains two straps to secure a fridge when travelling and includes two easy mount tie-down points, just in case the vehicle your fridge is being transported in is not equipped with any.

Two options exist, one with predrilled brackets that can be attached directly to the fridge once the handle is removed, the other being a looped strap with a ratchet that can be attached to the fridge’s handles.

A Fridge Tie Down set will secure a large fridge or cooler box without compromising its wiring or the ability to open the unit if required when stopping en-route. Clever. In addition, the stability of a secured fridge ensures it won’t move around and damage the load area when traversing broken terrain off-road, and that the contents are (hopefully) not destroyed either.

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