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Game fan Zirk wins new Wrangler

2011-10-06 08:02

WHAT A WIN! Zirk van Niekerk (inset) with his prize - a brand-new Jeep Wrangler.

A lucky outdoorsman and game-park fan, Zirk van Niekerk, has won a Jeep Wrangler Sahara 70th edition 3.8 V6 in a Chrysler SA competition.

Trent Barcroft, CEO of Chrysler SA, handed over the Wrangler to Van Niekerk in a Jeep dealer's showroom in Constantia Kloof, Sandton - the top prize in the Jeep 70th anniversary test drive competition.

Van Niekerk says that he has always been a big fan of Jeep and owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee for close on five years. He and his family love the outdoors and Zirk’s hobbies include gardening, bird-watching and game viewing.


He often visits a game park close to the Drakensberg and, he says, the Jeep will fit perfectly with his lifestyle. 

Asked what most impressed him about the Wrangler, Van Niekerk said: “I find the Jeep’s capabilities, grip and power to be great. It is also an unbelievably comfortable vehicle."

He had kept the prize a secret from his daughter, who is out of the country, because he wants to surprise her with the new addition to the family. He is planning a trip to Mpumalanga and the Wranger will go with him - he believes a new car should have a long run "to know what you've got!"

He says he will urge his son to enter the current Showtime Chrysler Jeep Dodge test drive competition, with the prize an all-inclusive trip to New York City for the 2012 auto show and Broadway tickets. Who knows, maybe this is the year of the Van Niekerks?

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