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Butch bakkie saves icy day

2013-03-14 10:08

SUPER BAKKIE: A Toyota Hilux bakkie helped a trucker stuck on an icy road get out of a slippery situation by towing it up the road after a snow storm in souhern England.

LONDON, England - Sussex is prone to be hit by icy storms during winter and it usually causes havoc for all road users. But no matter the cold conditions brought upon drivers in East Sussex, a particular Toyota Hilux three-litre D-4D auto came and saved the day for a very heavy truck.


SLM Motors in Uckfield used its Hilux to tow a heavy goods vehicle up a slippery stretch of road. The truck was on its way to deliver to a Sainsbury’s supermarket. If the truck had been stuffed to its maximum load capacity, it would have weighed 44 tonnes.

It's no wonder Toyota calls the Hilux the 'Invincible' - which happens to be the name of the range-topper Hilux model in the UK.

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