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WATCH: Did Toyota's revised Hilux pass the moose test?

2017-05-25 11:39

Image: Youtube

Cape Town - In late October 2016, Wheels24 reported on a video showing the Toyota Hilux bakkie failing a handling test (called the Moose Test).

In the video, created by Swedish motoring publication Teknikens Värld, the Hilux can be seen travelling at 60km/h as a test driver attempts to navigate a 'Moose Test''. The publication demonstrated that the Hilux performed worse than several of its rivals.

Earlier in 2017, Toyota said it would release a "package of measures" to remedy the issue. 

New video test results

The swedish publication posted a test of the "revised" Hilux in action. According to the publication: "The new Toyota Hilux now handles an evasive manoeuvre in the so-called moose test. The pick-up truck has been updated by the Japanese car manufacturer."

We've included how the Hilux's rivals fared in the original video at the end of this article. 

Here's how it performed in the original video: View the videos below

Here's how it performed in the new test: Video below the gif.

Here's the revised Hilux in action: Video by Teknikens Värld

View the original video below:

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