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SA's best-selling cars

Continuing its trend as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car, Volkswagen has sold more than 2300 Polo Vivos in March 2017.

5 most expensive single-cab bakkies in SA

2017-05-02 09:37

NICE, BUT PRICEY: The Isuzu KB is one of the top 5 most expensive single- cab bakkies in South Africa. Image: Quickpic

Charlen Raymond

Cape Town - Many automakers are focusing on the lifestyle bakkie market with plenty of double-cabs options available. The caveat however is the single-cab workhorse receiving somewhat less attention; Volkswagen's updated Amarok range no longer features single-cab derivatives.

The aforementioned Amarok also takes the title of SA's most expensive double-cab. But what about premium single-cabs in SA?

The current market is filled a vast array of bakkies to choose from. Toyota is still top of the most expensive bakkie list with its Land Cruiser 79 - almost R200 000 more than its closest rival. 

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READ: 5 most expensive double-cab bakkies in SA

Tough market

Toyota and Ford are in a never-ending battle to see who can sell the most bakkies in SA, but hot on their heels is Isuzu and Volkswagen. The Hilux and Ranger are top-sellers in monthly the sales charts but they aren’t the most expensive. Especially in the single-cab segment.

The Land Cruiser 79, the grand daddy of pick-ups in SA, is a bakkie in the truest sense of the word.

Here is are 5 of the most expensive single-cab bakkies in SA: 

1 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4.5D LX V8 4x4 - R671 400

Proven and reliable, the Land Cruiser would be any farmer's first choice for a workhorse. The single-cab derivative is as accomplished as its double-cab counterpart though with the benefit of having a much larger load bay. It is also the only bakkie in SA to have a V8 engine under the bonnet. If a workhorse is what you're after, they don't come much tougher than this!

2 Nissan Patrol 3.0 TD - R583 900

The only other bakkie to give the Land Cruiser a run for its money is the Patrol. This bakkie has one of the most accomplished 4x4 system of any bakkie in SA and will go bundu-bashing on any given day. It's 3.0-litre engine has come a long way, but at least you know that it can be fixed anywhere, anytime should something go awry. This is a real bakkie; in the true sense of the word.

3 Toyota Hilux 2.8 4x4 Raider - R456 300

The market leader in terms of sales, the Hilux is a proven vehicle in SA's bakkie market. The single-cab is a firm favourite amongst farmers, artisans, private companies and government due to its reliability. Few will question the Hilux's eagerness to work but even fewer will be persuaded away from it.

4 Ford Ranger 3.2 4x4 XLS - R447 900

Though the Hilux dominates sales, the Ranger could just be the bakkie to go for. Like its double-cab sibling, the single-cab is one of the better looking bakkies in SA and its assertive, bold design add to its aggressive presence on the road. It's engine and gearbox combinations are some of the smoothest in the segment and it takes very little effort to chase off into the sunset.

5 Isuzu KB KB300D-Teq 4x4 LX - R445 100

The KB has a loyal following in SA. It is one of the last 'true bakkies' in SA and though the market has veered into a more leisure-orientation, the KB still lags a behind in this regard. Despite being behind it tech you're purchasing a rugged workhorse; a bakkie that has no problem getting its load bay dirty.

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