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What a crash! Bakkie escapee goes flying back to jail

2017-03-02 10:57

FLYING PICK-UP: Kevonte Dekorey Austin might have a career as a hollywood stuntman. If only he stayed on the right side of the law... Image: FaceBook

Charlen Raymond

Cape Town - The prospect of facing jail time can push desperate criminals to perform reckless acts. 

A bystander captured the moment Kevonte Dekorey Austin (18), attempting to flee the police, sent a Toyota Tacoma bakkie flying during a high-speed crash.

High-speed crash

According to KSLA News, Austin was in the passenger seat when officers questioned the driver outside the vehicle. The teenage then slid into the drivers seat and sped off, leaving the driver and authorities behind.

Police chased after the fleeing teen, reaching speeds of up to 185km/h. Cops managed to set spike strips along the road which caused the bakkie to swerve uncontrollably.

Austin hit the spike strips, lost control of the Tacoma he was driving, drove into a ditch before going airborne: over the road, over a fence and landed on a Toyota Corolla!

Fortunately, a female driver in the Corolla walked away unscathed after escaping through the passenger door.

The real kicker: Austin was released from prison as a "work-release participant" but authorities suspect he stole a co-worker's 2009 Ford Ranger at his place of employment. The Tacoma he used as a getaway vehicle had also been reported stolen.

Why was he in jail? For car theft and a probation violation.

Read the full story on KSLA News here.

Watch the full video for all the details below:


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