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WATCH: Driver crashes into petrol station

2017-05-03 11:20

PETROL PUMP CRASH CCTV footage captures the moment a car crashes into a fuel station. GIF: Youtube

Baltimore - CCTV footage captures the moment a car crashes into a fuel station. The car can be seen crashing at high speed and flipping upside down.

A 64-year-old man has been left in a critical condition. 

Surveillance footage shows the drive lost control of the vehicle before the crash took place.

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Why wasn't there a 'Hollywood-esque' explosion especially since a fuel pump was hit? If the outer dispenser his knocked over, as is the case in the video, a sheer valve below the pump closes, preventing any kind of spillage from the pumps at the station. 

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This is particularly crucial as the petrol station featured holds up to thousands of litres underground and without such a safety measure, the crash could have turned into an inferno. 

Check out the incident bellow:

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