SA's best-selling cars

Continuing its trend as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car, Volkswagen has sold more than 2300 Polo Vivos in March 2017.

How Porsche will help local youths in SA

Porsche SA has opened its new Training Centre in Cape Town which aims to provide opportunities for 75 youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in the auto industry.

Top 5 motoring videos of the week

2017-05-05 14:30

SOMETIMES ACTIONS ARE BETTER THAN WORDS: Sprint Car racer Brenna Johnson's hilarious re-enactment of a race incident has won her many admirers.GIF:Facebook

Cape Town - As always, it has been an entertaining week in the motoring world as we show you some of the funniest and also cringe worthy videos this week. 

First off, we showcased you a female sprint car racer that provided one of the funniest post-race interviews as she re-enacts what had transpired in the race.

We also covered some rather scary accidents too, with an aged man crashing into a police station and also a man being ejected from his Jeep.

In a video that may be of an interest to many South African motorists, we took a sneak peak into how we could skip through traffic via advanced technology.

Here are the top 5 motoring videos of the week:

1. Lol! This driver's post-race interview is hilarious

2. WATCH: Driver crashes into police station. 


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SA's best-selling cars: Polo Vivo tops sales in April 2017

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo held onto its position as South Africa's best-selling passenger car despite a huge drop in overall new vehicle sales during April 2017, reports Naamsa.

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