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Top 5 motoring videos of the week

2017-05-05 14:30

SOMETIMES ACTIONS ARE BETTER THAN WORDS: Sprint Car racer Brenna Johnson's hilarious re-enactment of a race incident has won her many admirers.GIF:Facebook

Cape Town - As always, it has been an entertaining week in the motoring world as we show you some of the funniest and also cringe worthy videos this week. 

First off, we showcased you a female sprint car racer that provided one of the funniest post-race interviews as she re-enacts what had transpired in the race.

We also covered some rather scary accidents too, with an aged man crashing into a police station and also a man being ejected from his Jeep.

In a video that may be of an interest to many South African motorists, we took a sneak peak into how we could skip through traffic via advanced technology.

Here are the top 5 motoring videos of the week:

1. Lol! This driver's post-race interview is hilarious

2. WATCH: Driver crashes into police station. 


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