SA's best-selling cars

Continuing its trend as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car, Volkswagen has sold more than 2300 Polo Vivos in March 2017.

How Porsche will help local youths in SA

Porsche SA has opened its new Training Centre in Cape Town which aims to provide opportunities for 75 youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in the auto industry.

Top 10 motoring videos of the week

2017-04-28 12:12

TOP 10 MOTORING VIDEOS The motoring world never falls short of surprises as we reflect on some of the best motoring videos of the week. Image: YouTube

Cape Town – The motoring world never falls short of surprises and in terms of entertaining videos this week has been jam packed.

A popular clip this week, titled the ‘Ultimate Reverse of Shame’, serves an excellent deterrent for traffic cheaters.

In another traffic cheating incident, two truck drivers take revenge on a poorly parked vehicle in a parking lot.

Also featured is a Polish rally racing driver who suffered a huge crash on track as well as a motorist smashing into a stationary police vehicle along a highway.

Other highlights include the latest 'Cars 3' trailer and Audi's new Lunar Quattro Rover set to debut in the new sci-fi film 'Alien: Covenant'.

Here are the top 10 motoring videos of the week:

1. Ultimate 'reverse' of shame: Why you shouldn't try to cheat traffic

2. Ouch! Huge rally crash sees Citroen lose suspension, rear tyres

3. WATCH: Lightning McQueen returns in new Cars 3 trailer 

4. Crazy! Driver crashes into stationary police vehicle on highway  

5. Wow! This Polaris ATV performing a backflip is outrageous

6.  Disaster averted: Two impressive motorsport saves 

7. Parking Karma: Jeep drivers take revenge on poorly parked Merc 

8. WATCH: Hyundai Santa Fe conquers the Antarctic 

9. Audi to hunt Xenomorphs? Lunar Quattro rover in next Aliens film 

10. WATCH: Mitsubishi, Subaru go head-to-head in drift battle


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SA's best-selling cars: Polo Vivo tops sales in April 2017

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo held onto its position as South Africa's best-selling passenger car despite a huge drop in overall new vehicle sales during April 2017, reports Naamsa.

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