What you should know about Turbodiesels

South African motorists were rather late to arrive at the performance/economy party that is the modern turbodiesel engine.

What does your car say about you?

The vehicle you drive could have a direct baring on your personality. Take a look...

Top 7 lifestyle stories you shouldn't miss

2017-04-08 05:45

GOOD OR BAD IDEA? A member of the public spotted a cardboard Tshwane metro police cop car on the N4 near Rosslyn. Image: Arrive Alive

Cape Town - Road safety group, Arrive Alive, reported on a road user who shared photos of what appears to be a Tshwane metro police department car parked under a bridge on a highway near Pretoria.

However, it wasn't an actual police car but rather a cardboard cut-out of an official vehicle. The user indicated on his Facebook timeline that these boards were placed on the N4 before Rosslyn. 

In other news, check out three great marshmallow Easter egg recipes; why a Dutch colouring book has upset some parents; and, find out which celebs you might just run in to while they're filming in Cape Town...

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A kids colouring book in the Netherlands has rubbed many parents up the wrong way.

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The Mother City is a great film destination. Here's a round-up of what's filming and the celebrities you might spot.

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6. WATCH: SA's Otter Trail listed as the best hike in the World 

The Otter Trail is listed alongside other big hikes such as the Pacific Crest Trail or PCT which spans the US, as well as the...

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7. Is my discharge normal?

Abnormal vaginal discharges are usually caused by vaginal infections. These infections and symptoms may vary from women to women. 

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