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The Grand Tour: Are Clarkson, Hammond and May in SA?

2016-05-13 11:48

ARE THEY IN SA? South African Twitter users were trying to figure out if the former hosts Top Gear were in the country. Image: Twitter

Sean Parker

Cape Town - It's been a busy week for the former trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, of BBC motoring programme, Top Gear.

On Wednesday (May 11), Clarkson tweeted the name of their new show:The Grand Tour.

The announcement unsurprisingly went viral on social media with many fans responding to the name of the new show.

Clarkson revealed that the 'The Grand Tour' will be housed in "a large tent" with different studio locations around the world. He also revealed more details of the show on Twitter.

Grand Tour in SA?

The big news on Friday (May 13), is that the trio might be closer to SA fans. Clarkson and Hammond tweeted pictures of the group posing in front of a billboard of a company, with headquarters in Johannesburg, commonly seen at local airports.

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It is not known where the trio landed: 

That's Johannesburg right? One eagle-eyed Twitter user posted:

Another Twitter user asked if Clarkson is in Cape Town:

While Jaco Korenelius seemed sure the trio were in SA , when he tweeted this:

Nkosana M said:


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