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Roadblocks in Cape Town: 'He who controls the road controls crime'

2016-04-28 06:57

ROADBLOCKS: Cape Town's Mayoral Committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, talks to us about roadblocks in the Western Cape. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - In February 2016, Wheels24 reported that Capetonians could expect more roadblocks with the launch of a dedicated unit aimed at stopping drunk drivers, car thieves and illegal street racers.

The unit will be responsible for executing roadblocks on a permanent basis in the city.

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The City of Cape Town's Safety and Security Directorate has created an integrated Roadblock Unit, comprising 18 members from various departments including traffic service, metro police, law enforcement and the Western Cape traffic department.

Curbing crime on our roads

Wheels24 speaks to Cape Town's Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, regarding roadblocks in the Western Cape: 

1. Wheels24: What is the K78 roadblock unit?
JP Smith: "This unit goes around the city at different spots for a few hours here and there; constantly just all day, every day running roadblocks."

2. W24: How effective is the K78 roadblock unit? Will the province expand its capacity?
JP Smith: "This unit is getting very good results, so… [we’ll] probably increase its capacity over the next few years."

3. W24: Can roadblocks be used to combat other crimes?
JP Smith: "If we are doing effective control on the roads, a lot of other crimes will be under control."

4. W24: How do roadblocks increase safety?
JP Smith: "[It] destabilises your criminals because they can’t predict where it will be next."

5. W24: Why perform roadblocks during peak-hours?
JP Smith: "We try not to do that, but unfortunately there are certain types of road users that really are only on the road during peak-hour."


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