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'It should be renamed most expensive SA Car of the Year'

2016-03-09 13:40

MOST EXPENSIVE WINNER: Wheels24 user Johan Goosen says the Car of the Year competition should be renamed to 'Most expensive car of the year' Image: LES STEPHENSON

Johan Goosen

Volvo's XC90 has been crowned the 2016 SA Car of the Year. Wheels24 user Johan Goosen asks why do "expensive" cars keep winning the award?

Johannesburg - Guess what? It might not be a Porsche, but the most expensive car won again!

You keep mentioning your criteria, compare in class, etc. however the most expensive car keeps on winning.

Rename the award

Ever though your “criteria” is ridiculous? How many years in a row has the most expensive car won this thing?

Congratulations. Being the most expensive with the fewest rivals makes you car of the year, in a country with 25% unemployment a car, whose base model cost R850 000 won car of the year.

Can we rename the award: "Most Expensive Car Of The Year or ME-COTY".

I have already wasted enough time and energy on this. Let me go back to working for peanuts.

More users respond

Dean Pizani: Are you kidding me? All three of those cars are one of the least seen cars on the road.  I cry foul!!! 

David Allardice: Sadly whilst Volvo make excellent vehicles CMH who own the agency for the vehicles in South Africa are anil surely useless at customer service, servicing and retaining the resale value of those vehicles. Compared to other luxury vehicles the Volvo brand loses its value substantially more than its German or Japanese counterparts which can only be attributed to CMH's poor performance and strategy. So the bottom line is whilst these cars are a pleasure to behold and to drive they are simply not worth the frustration of poor service, nor the marked depreciation in their value once owned and driven.

Patrick Makama: I can't believe it! BMW is not one of the top, but I won't stop loving it .

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