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Infiniti crashes into BMW, kid starts motorbike... top 7 videos of the week

2016-10-29 18:16

POETRY IN MOTION: The McLaren P1 GTR is perhaps one of the best, rawest track machines ever made. Image: YouTube


From the AMG GT S to the A45 AMG, Mercedes-Benz lined up all of its AMG models for one insanely cool photo session!

Cape Town - The Wheels24 team is exposed to lots of videos on a daily basis and selecting ones that are suitable for our audience is a tedious mission.

Not because it is difficult, but because the content needs to 1) be suitable and 2) not offend any of our readers.

Which brings us to this week's selection. And yes, it is another stellar list of brilliantly awe-inspiring clips.

Did you know that BMW made an action movie and called it 'The Escape'? No? Well, starring a number of A-list Hollywood stars and written/directed by South Africa's very own Neill Blomkamp, the 13min clip is packed with action from the moment it starts right through to the end.

And McLaren's P1 is given the GT-R treatment and is taken around the track for a session that will have you drooling and swooning over the car's imposing presence on the track.

In Russia a huge crash between an Infiniti and a BMW took place after the aforementioned's driver sped on an icy road and couldn't stop his vehicle in time. Ever see a car aquaplane on ice?

But the title of best video of the week has to go to the biker who allowed a little boy to start his motorbike. The kid's father was ecstatic!

Without any further delays, here are our top videos!

1 Mercedes-Benz AMGs line up for epic photoshoot

From the AMG GT S to the A45 AMG, Mercedes-Benz lined up all of its AMG models for one insanely cool photo session!

Click here to watch the full video.

2 WATCH: Illegal drag race ends in tears for one driver

Two drivers involved in an illegal drag race, came to a head in a heavy crash leaving one driver in a spot of bother.

Click here to watch the full video.

3 Watching McLaren's 735kW P1 GTR on track is breathtaking

We finally get to witness the madness of the McLaren P1 GTR, as the ultimate hybrid hypercar attempts to put down its mammoth 735kW at Angelsey race track.

Click here to watch the full video.

4 Whoa! Insane crash caught on dash cam

This is horror crash between a BMW and an Infiniti will send shivers down your spine.

Click here to watch the full video.

5 Aww! Good guy rider makes a little kid's day

Watch as this awesome motorcyclist gives a child the opportunity to start his Honda superbike Her reaction will definitely make your Friday.

Click here to watch the full video.

6 Wake up! Driver 'falls asleep' in traffic, performs epic burnout

This driver reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel of his bakkie and performed an impromptu burnout in traffic. Watch as bystanders and motorists attempt to wake him up.

Click here to watch the full video.

7 The latest BMW Film is out and it's awesome! Watch 'The Escape'

BMW's latest film 'The Escape', written and directed by SA's Neill Blomkamp and starring many A-list celebs, has been released. It's 13 mins of pure vehicular action!

Click here to watch the full video.

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