SA's best-selling cars

Continuing its trend as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car, Volkswagen has sold more than 2300 Polo Vivos in March 2017.

How Porsche will help local youths in SA

Porsche SA has opened its new Training Centre in Cape Town which aims to provide opportunities for 75 youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in the auto industry.

FIRST PICS: Jaguar's Project 7 sports car spotted in SA

2016-01-22 08:34

ONLY 250 IN THE WORLD: Jaguar South Africa has sold 5 of its exclusive Project 7 sports cars to customers, we have photographs of the first model in the country. Image: Wheels24 user Eric

Sean Parker

Cape Town - Days after Wheels24 user Johan du Preez sent us spy photographs of what looked to be a Land Rover Discovery 5 in heavy camouflage, we've received another set of photographs. 

Wheels24 user Fanie Prinsloo's sent us images* of the Jaguar's awesome Project 7 in South Africa.      

Image gallery: Jaguar Project 7

An email from Prinsloo read: "My friend Eric works in the motor industry and he sent me these pics from his work today (January. He says it is a new Jaguar race car... I see a very big wing on it, at the back it says Project 7 but this car looks like that other Jag F-Type too. Is its coming to South Africa?

"I see in your newsletter there is also a new Discovery spotted in camo? Maybe it's the same testing?"

New Project 7 in SA

In August 2015, Wheels24 reported that a series of new Jags are on the way to South Africa including the ultra-cool Project 7. The new sports car was listed in August 2015 at a price of R2.9-million each. Given the poor state of the Rand, the price may have changed.

Jaguar South Africa responded: "We can confirm that only five lucky owners will get to take home a Project 7 in South Africa, from a worldwide production of just 250.

"There’s only one vehicle currently in the country so the one your reader photographed is the first to land. We don’t have a delivery date and price to announce right now."

Most powerful Jag yet

The Project 7 is Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful production car yet. It uses a tweaked version of the F-Type R's supercharged five-litre V8 capable of 422kW/680Nm (the F-Type coupe delivers 405kW), delivered to the rear wheels via an eight-speed gearbox.

The V8 takes the car, weighing 1585kg, to 100km/h in 3.9sec and limited top speed is 300km/h.

Image: Wheels24 user Eric

*Images were taken by Fanie Prinsloo's colleague Eric.


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The Volkswagen Polo Vivo held onto its position as South Africa's best-selling passenger car despite a huge drop in overall new vehicle sales during April 2017, reports Naamsa.

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