Tyre-changing damsels on their own

2013-02-14 10:53

LONDON, England - Most British female drivers would like James Bond star Daniel Craig to be their personal mechanic, for men it's Joanna Lumley.

Those are two of the fun answers in a consumer survey carried out for Valentine's Day 2013 by a tyre services company in England.

Female participants felt the 007 star would be more technically competent to deal with car servicing than David Beckham, who came second in the survey.


Only one in 100 women thought pop star Justin Bieber would be good with a spanner.

Suggesting that the age of chivalry may be dead, almost 50% of men questioned said that they would not stop at the roadside to help a lady in distress trying to change a tyre.

The survey does however show that your chances of being helped increase if you happen to be a female celebrity.
The survey showed 18% of male respondents said that they would stop to assist Joanna Lumley and 12% picked singer Cheryl Cole.

Sadly only 3% said that they would aid singer Adele.

The online survey results:

Question: Much to your surprise your local mechanic has been replaced on Valentine’s Day by a famous person. Which celebrity would you prefer to fix your car? (Female only)

Daniel Craig 51%
David Beckham 28%
Paul McCartney 12%
Simon Cowell 9%
Justin Bieber 1%

Question: If you saw the woman trying to change her tyre was one of the following, would it make you stop? (Male only)
Would not stop 49%
Joanna Lumley 18%
Cheryl Cole 12%
Jessica Ennis 9%
Keira Knightley 8%
Adele 3%

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  • christo.stone - 2013-02-14 12:36

    To be fair...crime is so damn high in the country it would be a huge risk to stop and assist someone as it could be a setup of some sort. A risk I'm not willing to take.

  • rorytaylor.futter - 2013-02-14 12:53

    Helped one with success recently, the other told me to take a hike.

  • Daniel Mah - 2013-02-14 15:08

    who want to be a victim of crime by trying to be a good samaritan. i will never stop

  • qungisbindi.mafendana - 2013-02-14 21:24

    Helped one a few months ago. Was stuck at a 4-way robot, morning traffic was more than 3KM long. I stopped and helper together with another dude, and she was able to drive off and traffic started clearing. Twas morning traffic so the was really no danger.

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