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Tshwane cops get hot wheels

2006-06-23 10:11

The fleet of new Subaru Imprezas for the Tshwane Metropolitan Police

The Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department has just taken delivery of seven Subaru 2-litre Impreza Sportswagons for patrolling the highways and beyond.

The TMPD is the first police department in South Africa to introduce the rally-bred vehicles with their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and reputation for sticking to the road like glue in all weather conditions.

The department's fleet manager, Francois Craffort says the introduction of permanent AWD Subarus necessitated special training for members of the force who will drive them.

"Subaru set up an advanced driver training course at Gerotek where we were able to give the cars a full workout on the skidpan and in off-road circumstances.

"We are now confident that if someone tries to get away from us by turning off the highway, we will have an advantage no matter what the driving surface.'

He points out that it's not just the AWD that influenced the department in its choice of vehicles. "Subaru came to us with the reputation of providing and excellent service to police departments in other parts of the world.

"This includes Australia where so many of the crooks were using Subarus as getaway cars, the police countered by equipping themselves also with Subaru vehicles. Police departments in New York, Italy, UK, France, Canada and Spain to name a few also use Subaru vehicles."

Managing Director of Subaru South Africa, Teresita van Gaalen says the incorporation of Subarus into the Tswane Metropolitan Police fleet is the first of many anticipated similar transactions around the country.

"Not only is it important for our law-enforcement officers to have performance, quality vehicles, they also need to be protected and they are always going to be twice as safe driving on four wheels compared to two."


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