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SPIED! Monster security vehicle

2011-03-30 08:06

SPOTTED: Our spies spotted this monster 8x8 ASV on the prowl.

Our spies aren’t into playing the military game but they’ve managed to uncover a vehicle that looks fit to storm any fortress – meet the 8x8 ASV from Cadillac Gage.

Our spy photographers aren’t the sort to emulate James Bond and infiltrate military bases, but every so often a curious looking military vehicle passes by on public roads and our guys are keen to snap up anything out of the ordinary.

That being said, they were suitably baffled when they spotted a unique prototype roaming on public streets that looked as though it might cause Gaddafi to salivate.

The 8x8 ASV (Armoured Security Vehicle) from the Cadillac Gage company looks set to fufill any security need... or start WWIII.

Cadillac Gage makes the V-series Commando vehicles and specialises in military vehicles. The V-100 and the V-150 have seen use by militaries and SWAT teams globally and this massive 8x8 monstrosity will replace the aging V-series fleet.

While our spies were unable to uncover what sort of powerplant lurks inside this ASV, we do know it has the capacity to be outfitted with machine guns, grenade launchers and even missile launchers!


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