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Reader: SA needs a dash-cam law

2015-04-20 08:54

DANGEROUS OVERTAKING: Reader DAVE RANKIN says trucks often disobey rules when overtaking. Image: Shutterstock


Mounting pavements, aggressive driving, arguing with the police…a dashcam compilation shows what could be the worst driver in Russia.


I am a pensioner who is not on the road at these peek times so my response is probably unwarranted.

However, I do travel a great deal between Johannesburg and Durban and usually am on the road in the early hours of the morning. I do not know the statistics for crashes involving heavy vehicles between 5am and 7am, BUT what frightens me is the number of times I have had to take evasive action, especially between the towns Villiers and Warden on the N3, due to truck drivers apparently going to sleep at the wheel.

VIDEO: Heavy truck restrictions

In addition the number of heavy vehicles overtaking each other at speeds of less than 60km/h on inclines which no heavy vehicle can maintain a good speed is, in my opinion, extremely dangerous. I travel at the speed limit (cannot afford a fine) and in fact have an AutoCruise on my Hyundai Getz 1600. Speed is the thing that kills. I am overtaken by idiots travelling way over the speed limit and in a number of instances seen them having to take evasive action with these slow-moving trucks taking up all the lanes.

Maybe you should pass a law which allows the introduction of Dashcam footage from civilians on the road (I have a dashcam on my vehicle) proving bad driving, speeding and reckless or negligent driving (without involving the supplier of the video footage in court cases).

The whole problem boils down to the lack of respect for the law which South Africans seem to think has been put in place to make their lives’ a misery. There is very little respect for each other and until such time as this changes death will continue on our roads.

I have driven a car in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and it always amazes me how polite 99% of the drivers are and how they adhere to the law of the road.

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