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Put brakes on those flip-flops

2013-08-21 08:47

FLIP-FLOPPING ON ROAD SAFETY: Great attire for the beach but not so much for use while driving... A study reveals that flip-flops are an even greater danger behind the wheel than wearing heels. Image: YouTube

LONDON, England - Too many drivers drive while wearing flip-flops and a survey has shown they are more dangerous to drive in than high heels.

They may be ideal footwear for summer but the next time you think about wearing them at the wheel remember that, the survey adds, they're probably responsible for as many as 1.4-million near misses or accidents on UK roads every year.


Many such happen because they get stuck under the control pedals, the London Daily Mail reports. They also make braking less effective: simulator studies showed they slowed deceleration by 0.13sec - that's 3.5m at 100km/h. It also took longer to move the right foot from accelerator to brake and the thin, soft sole meant less pressure on the brake pedal in an emergency.

A poll of 1055 UK drivers showed 33% had driven wearing flip-flops, 27% admitted they had caused an incident of some sort and seven percent had had a near miss or accident.

Do you wear flip-flops while driving? Have you had "a close one" while doing so? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.


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2017-12-17 00:00
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