McLaren P1 hits track for tests

2013-01-25 10:54

LONDON, England - The McLaren P1 was unveiled as a design study at the 2012 Paris auto show in the glare of a thousand camera flashes. Since then, development of the technology beneath the carbon-fibre skin has continued at great pace.

The team at McLaren Automotive has continued the relentless testing programme for the car with the goal "to produce the best driver’s car in the world on road and track".


This the most recent (January 2013) short video gives the most detailed view yet of the production McLaren P1. Leveraging five decades of skills and knowledge gained through the company’s involvement at the pinnacle of motorsport and through Formula 1 techniques and processes, the car promises to raise the supercar performance bar.

Watch the video

"Using computational fluid dynamics aerodynamic modelling and Formula 1-derived dynamics simulation tools," the supercarmaker says, "outstanding performance against aggressive targets was established even before the first prototype builds.

"Detailed analysis has continued hand-in-hand with physical testing to accelerate the further development of the McLaren P1."

A team of engineers, technicians and race drivers is running a fleet of XP-codenamed vehicles around the clock in some of the most demanding conditions and on roads and circuits around the world.

The rigorous testing procedures for the McLaren P1 have seen the development team working closely with McLaren Automotive technology partners on components and developments, among them Akebono for a highly-efficient braking system, Pirelli for high-performance tyres and Mobil on cooling, lubrication and hydraulics.


"As all these activities converge on the final specification," McLaren adds, "a remarkable vehicle is emerging. The P1 is set to deliver truly outstanding road and track dynamics and performance and driveability and refinement unprecedented in such a supercar.

"The obsession with detail for which McLaren is known carries through with the work being done by the McLaren P1 development team. This fascination that everything should be designed for a reason has filtered down even to the striking camouflage being worn on the development cars.

"Designed in-house by the team behind the shape of the car, the graphic incorporates the outlines of famous circuits from across the world, each of which is significant in the history of the brand."