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MEC: Jail for blue-light bullies

2013-06-24 13:00

PUTTING AN END TO BULLIES: New regulations will hopefully ensure that ministers won't resort to putting drivers in danger when they’re in a rush to get to their next meeting. Image: SAPAPICS

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape minister of transport and public works Robin Carlisle has called for an end to the road abuse of the uber-arrogant “blue light brigade” and the ministers/VIP's who make use of them.

Their conditions for use - and the penalties for breaking those conditions - are set out in just-released draft regulations.

In the past we've seen blue-light cars show total disdain for the law while their driving is a threat to the safety of other road users.


Draft regulations will now restrict, in the Western Cape, at least, the “Use of Lamps Emitting a Blue Light and the Use of Sirens”. Unless there is a general emergency or the VIP or other self-important panjandrum being hauled is in personal danger.

Section two of the draft regulation states "a person may not operate or instruct any other person to operate –
a) A motor vehicle in which an office bearer or VIP is being transported; or
b) A motor vehicle escorting or accompanying a motor vehicle referred to in (a), on a public road while –
(i) An intermittently flashing blue light is being emitted from a lamp fitted to that motor vehicle; or
(ii) A siren fitted to that motor vehicle is being used, unless there is an imminent identified threat regarding the safety or life of the office bearer or VIP, or there is a threat of damage to the property of the office bearer or VI

Carlisle said: “This regulation is in line with the National Road Traffic Act, enabling office bearers and VIPs to make use of vehicles fitted with blue lights and sirens.

"We have seen the abuse of blue-light vehicles by said office bearers and VIPs in the past, tantamount to a disregard for the rule of law and a threat to the safety of other road users. As per the draft regulations, office bearers and VIP's may not use blue lights or sirens on their vehicles or vehicles escorting them unless the situation is an emergency.
“Failure to comply with this regulation would result in the office bearer or VIP being subject to a fine or imprisonment. We cannot continue to have the safety of other road users threatened by the use of blue lights and sirens in non-emergency situations.”


The regulations are open for public comment for a period of 30 days. Make sure you make your views known...

Members of the public can email their submissions or post them to:

Head of the department
Attention: Malcolm Watters
Western Cape department of transport and public works
Box 2603
...or fax comments to 021 483 2166

Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24 as well - but if you have time enough to write to us, then make time to make your views official by doing the above. Or stop bitching about the BLB fools.
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