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Electric cars in SA

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Reasons for 307 recall revealed

2007-08-24 13:14
Cape Town - Peugeot South Africa has confirmed that local cars are not affected by the most recent 307 recall.

According to the importer, specific weather conditions have been identified as the causes for the possible failure of the ABS and ESP systems.

High humidity, long winters with excessive salting of roads and severe fluctuations in temperature are the main causes, according to Peugeot SA.

However, since the braking system in particular is a pivotal safety device on any car, Wheels24 suggests that owners exposed to any of these conditions and in any doubt about the effect on their cars, contact their dealerships.

In the most recent recall, 240 000 Peugeot 307s with possible problems related to the cars ABS and ESP systems are being recalled in northern Europe.

Previous 307 recalls in Europe in 2005 and 2006 were traced to similar sources.


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