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Porsche considering small Cayenne?

2009-10-05 14:30

This is Porsche’s development boss, Wolfgang Dürheimer. He likes the catchphrase ‘performance requires efficiency’. Now a small Porsche SUV could be on the way too. Shame the heritage of that Carrera GT behind him seems to be of no consequence.

Now a part of the happy VW family, Porsche’s future model portfolio might be a lot more SUV than supercar geared.

Since Porsche’s take over by VW, Zuffenhausen’s head of product development, Wolfgang Dürheimer, has refocused the company’s engineering resources to populate a host of broader market niches.

The idea of a model slotting in under the Boxster range (due for replacement in 2012) has now germinated to near certainty.

Dürheimer hopes an infusion of VW mass production manufacturing expertise will enable the new small Porsche to be seamlessly integrated into the company's production cycle and cost structure.

Manufacturing of the smaller Porsche models are a huge issue currently, especially as the Magna contract for Boxster manufacturing (set for 2013) has been undone by the Canadian company's bid to take over VW rival Opel.

Mini Cayenne?

Another product range allegedly being investigated by Porsche is a small SUV, competing against Audi’s Q3 and BMW’s X1.

The new mini-SUV will hopefully not cue any styling inferences from the company’s current Cayenne range.

Other Porsche engineering directives include all forthcoming 911, Boxster and Cayman models, with fuel-economy now the key design imperative. Dürheimer is aiming for double digit percentage fuel savings on outgoing models.

Most of the fuel savings are expected to come from advances in engine technology and surfacing efficiency (styling), whilst Audi’s lightweight aluminium spaceframe construction advances could melt away mass whilst retaining structural integrity and safety levels.

Concerning hybrid engine technology, Dürheimer says Porsche will only migrate pure electric power and hybrid drive to production vehicles after such technologies have proven themselves in a track racing environment.

The changes appear to tallying with intent around Zuffenhausen.

Remember when Porsche last dabbled in downsizing? Does the number 924 mean anything to you?


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