Top new models for SA

From Renault's new Alaskan bakkie to the latest models at the Frankfurt motor show bound for SA.

Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

Green law could cripple Porsche

2007-09-19 13:44
Frankfurt - The German luxury sports car maker Porsche might take legal action if the EU pushes through proposed CO2 emissions limits, a press report said last week.

Porsche and other European car groups have slammed a European Union plan that would cut average carbon dioxide emissions for new vehicles to 120 grams per kilometre by 2012, from around 160 grams at present, but the EU Commission has stuck by its proposal and plans to present a draft bill in December.

"We would have to take legal steps," the daily Suddeutsche Zeitung quoted a Porsche spokesperson as saying.

Porsche and other carmakers say the planned regulation favours companies that make compact cars, which commonly have lower emissions levels than, for instance, powerful sports cars.

German carmakers that produce a larger number of powerful cars would find it harder to hit the target than southern European competitors in Italy and France and the Porsche spokesman said the regulation would thus distort competition.


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