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Gallardo best selling Lambo ever

2010-06-28 08:06

A Midas yellow unit bound for China has swelled production volumes for Lamborghini’s Gallardo to five figures.

When Lamborghini brought its Gallardo to market back in 2003, supercar fans wondered what the point was of this smaller fighting bull from Sant’Agata.

Although it featured neater packaging and ergonomics (courtesy of parent company Audi’s design influence) the new Gallardo retained all the fabled dynamic prowess of a Sant’Agata product.

Last week the Gallardo achieved a particularly noteworthy millstone, becoming the most successful Lamborghini of all time as it passed the 10 000 unit production volume threshold.

A Midas Yellow Gallardo was the car that finally swelled production volumes into five figures. The car in question is due for delivery to an owner in Shanghai.

The Gallardo product portfolio has spawned sun-seeking Spyder and track-biased Superleggera models, as well as special editions such as the Gallardo SE and Nera.

Gallardo’s record production numbers underline the boundless success Lamborghini has achieved under Audi ownership, a venture that has managed to fuse traditional Lamborghini supercar values with efficient German production and quality standards.

"The strength and presence of the Gallardo product (plays) a significant role in the growth and recognition of our brand," said Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, in a statement pertaining to this significant production milestone for the brand.


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