Renault's new Kadjar: Dare to live

Explore uncharted territory with the New Renault Kadjar. #DareToLive

Roadblocks in SA: 8 things to know

Can an officer search your car at a roadblock? Do you have the right to film the police? Do you know your rights?

Industry News

Emissions scandal: Volkswagen reaches $14.7-billion settlement

2016-06-28 10:42

Volkswagen would repair or buy back polluting vehicles and pay each owner as much $10 000 under a $14.7-billion deal the company reached to settle lawsuits stemming from its emissions cheating scandal.

Emissions scandal: Nissan taking South Korea to court

2016-06-28 07:33

Japanese automaker Nissan said Monday it is taking South Korea to court in response to Seoul's claims that it manipulated emissions data on a popular sports utility vehicle.

VW Korea executive arrested over emissions fraud

2016-06-24 11:38

Seoul prosecutors arrested an executive of Volkswagen's South Korean unit, as part of an ongoing probe into the emissions fraud scandal that engulfed the automaker.

Here's how Brexit vote could affect automakers

2016-06-24 08:51

As Britain votes whether to leave the European Union several automakers expressed their concerns regarding the political matter. Here's how the Brexit vote could affect the auto industry.

VW to pay $10.2-billion to settle emissions claims

2016-06-24 07:36

VW has agreed to take a series of steps with a total cost of about $10.2-billion to settle claims from its unprecedented diesel emissions cheating scandal in the US.

Scandal-hit Mitsubishi eyes $1.4-bn loss

2016-06-22 13:39

Mitsubishi warned it is on track to lose $1.4-billion in the wake of a mileage-cheating scandal that slammed the brakes on sales.

Emissions scandal: VW faces investor questions

2016-06-22 13:13

Volkswagen executives faced questions from minority investors regarding the company's scandal involving its cars rigged to cheat on diesel emissions tests

Emissions scandal: Ex-VW boss Winterkorn under investigation

2016-06-21 08:16

Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn is being investigated on allegations of market manipulation in connection with the company's emissions scandal.

Takata saga: Honda recalls 1-million cars in China

2016-06-20 08:36

China's product quality agency says Honda's joint venture in the country is recalling 1-million sedans and SUVs to replace possibly faulty airbags.

New beginnings for VW? More electric cars on the way

2016-06-17 08:34

Volkswagen plans to intensify its push into electric vehicles as it fights to bounce back from a scandal over diesel cars rigged to cheat on emissions tests.

Interest rate hike: SA car owners to pay more

28-01-2016 16:27 The recent rate hike will affect SA car owners who have vehicle finance agreements structured around a linked interest rate, reports WesBank.

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AA: Effective policing key to curbing road carnage in SA

'Too many motorists simply ignore the rules,' says Automobile Association, calling for more effective traffic policing as an urgent step to addressing road carnage in South Africa.

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