BMW X Range: Command any road

Highly adventurous or more of an urban traveller? The BMW X Range offers the perfect model for every lifestyle. - Sponsored

11 ways to drive fuel efficiently in SA

We list more tips and methods on how to stretch the fuel in your car, as well as stretching your wallet.

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Truck carrying Takata airbag-detonators explodes: 1 killed, 10 houses damaged

2016-08-29 08:05

A woman was killed when a truck, loaded with Takata airbag detonators caught fire and exploded in front of her house. Many other houses in the area were damaged in the blast.

Emissions scandal: VW owners can either sell or stay put

2016-08-26 08:15

VW's proposed settlement in the wake of its diesel scandal is complicated but owners have two options - sell the affected car for its trade-in-price or have it brought-up to emissions standards.

Vehicle security bug: SA Automakers respond

2016-08-19 09:31

Up to 100-million vehicles are affected by recently revealed security flaws. Now automakers in SA respond as to how they are affected.

Harley-Davidson caught in $15m emission scandal

2016-08-19 08:31

Motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson was brought to justice by US authorities for making and selling devices that increased air pollution from its bikes.

US finds evidence of criminality in VW probe

2016-08-16 07:00

US federal investigators probing Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal have uncovered evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

#PetrolStrike: BP sheds light on fuel-strike crisis

2016-08-15 09:23

How long is the fuel strike expected to last? How will the on-going strike affect SA motorists?... BP South Africa sheds light on the ongoing fuel-industry strike - Sponsored.

Global car security risk: VW responds

2016-08-12 11:29

'The bar for theft prevention is constantly being raised but ultimately there is no 100% guarantee for security,' writes Volkswagen in response to a global security flaw affecting millions of vehicles.

VW fined by Italy watchdog over 'dieselgate'

2016-08-10 07:06

Volkswagen has been fined the equivalent of R14-million over its involvement in the massive engine-fixing scandal, reports the Italian competition authority.

WATCH: How many roadworthy fails can you spot in this clip?

19-07-2016 13:37 We came across this clip of a wrecked Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. Despite its dismal condition, it was captured travelling along a busy road. How is this monstrosity still mobile?

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BP fights rising fuel prices for SA motorists

BP's new fuel, Ultimate with Active technology, will, theoretically, extend your car's fuel range while reducing maintenance costs. Read more.

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