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Hydrogen Hyundai - here's the price

2015-05-06 10:17

PART OF THE HYFIVE PROJECT: Buyers of the new Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell SUV will receive part-funding from the European HyFive project. Image: Newspress

  • First mass production fuel cell vehicle
  • ix35 Fuel Cell price announced
  • Range 594km, top speed 160km/h

Hyundai UK has announced the price of its zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered, ix35 Fuel Cell - but first the details...

The European HyFive project intends to deploy 110 fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) from five global automotive companies that make up the HyFive consortium - Hyundai, BMW, Daimler, Honda and Toyota.

The project will add three hydrogen refuelling stations in the British capital, London, before the end of 2015 to take the total to five.

RANGE OF 600km

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell claims to be the world’s first mass-produced fuel-cell vehicle and has been on sale in 15 countries since 2013.

It has a 100kW electric motor capable of taking the car to 160km/h and is fuelled by two hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 5.64kg. That, the automaker says, will give the vehicle potential range of almost 600km - the petrol equivalent of 2.38 litres/100km.

According to Hyundai: "It can reliably start in temperatures as low as -25oC. The energy is stored in a 24kW lithium-ion polymer battery, jointly developed with LG Chemical."


The ix35 Fuel Cell is the fourth-generation fuel-cell vehicle from Hyundai. As the automaker said: “This generation delivers significant improvements over its predecessor, among them a driving range that has been extended by more than 50% while still producing zero tailpipe emissions.

"That represents fuel-efficiency gains of more than 15%.”

Oh yes, the price - the equivalent of R965 000.

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