What you should know about Turbodiesels

South African motorists were rather late to arrive at the performance/economy party that is the modern turbodiesel engine.

What does your car say about you?

The vehicle you drive could have a direct baring on your personality. Take a look...

Top 10 cool motoring videos of the week

2017-04-21 13:47

THE CRAZIEST OF THEM ALL: A naked man was spotted riding on the hood of a car in Pretoria, just one of the crazy videos on Wheels24 this week. Image: Youtube

Cape Town - For once the week isn't dominated by President Jacob Zuma or a cabinet reshuffle. However, we did find several crazy videos in the wild and wacky world of motoring. 

From a Dutch Formula 1 anchor's swearing tirade aimed at Max Verstappen to a naked man spotted riding on the bonnet of a car in Pretoria, it's been crazy to say the least. 

And because we're good folk, we've listed all 10 right here. Witout further ado...here's a list of the 10 most viewed videos on Wheels24 this week:

1. WATCH: SUV uses Mini as launch pad in highway crash 

Image: Youtube

2. Mad Max interrupts TV broadcast, reporter loses it...

Image: Youtube

3.  So a naked man was spotted riding on a car in rainy Pretoria

Image: Youtube

4. Whoa! Rider dodges leaping snake on road

Image: Youtube

5. Car-smooching battle: Texan woman wins a Kia after kissing it for 50 hours

Image: Youtube

6.  Parking Karma: Jeep drivers take revenge on poorly parked Merc

Image: Youtube

7. Crazy! Driver crashes into stationary police vehicle on highway

Image: Youtube

8. WATCH: Mitsubishi, Subaru go head-to-head in drift battle

Image: Youtube

9. Epic burnout: Dodge Hellcat smokes-up neighbourhood

Image: Youtube

10. WATCH: Truck driver gets robbed on N4 highway by 'protesters'

Image: Youtube

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