What you should know about Turbodiesels

South African motorists were rather late to arrive at the performance/economy party that is the modern turbodiesel engine.

What does your car say about you?

The vehicle you drive could have a direct baring on your personality. Take a look...

Top 10 motoring stories of the week

2017-04-14 09:54

WORLD CAR OF THE YEAR: Jaguar's F-Pace SUV scooped the world car and best design titles at the 2017 World Car of the Year awards. Image: Motorpress

Cape Town - World Car of the Year, New York auto show... it's been an exciting week for car enthusiasts.

The 8th installment of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise, Furious 8, has been released. We look at some of the top femme fatales featured in the series. 

This week we take a look at the facelifted Toyota Corolla and one of the coolest, modified Quantum mini-buses in South Africa.

We've also reflected on some classic cars that should make a comeback in the motoring world and a rare Mercedes-Benz SL500. 

Top 10 motoring stories you shouldn't miss this week:  

1.  World Car of the Year: Jaguar F-Pace voted best, most beautiful

2. Femme Fatales: These badass 'Fast and Furious' stars will drive circles around you

3. This rare SL500 roadster has only 128km on the clock: Owner lost the keys! 

4. Easter holiday road guide - all the safety tips you'll need

5. INFOGRAPHIC: Will these legendary cars make a comeback?

6. #Zumaconsequences for SA motorists

7. What a Quantum! Here's one SA mini-bus taxi you'll want to drive in

8. Dodge Demon Challenger: Fastest muscle car yet?

9. Damn, when did the Toyota Corolla become 'good looking'?


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